Wednesday, May 4, 2011

What I'm Reading Now!

Take it from Me - Cautionary Tales from a Former Fool and Take it from Her – Cautionary Lessons for the Ladies We Love by Tremayne Moore

Tremayne’s poems speak volumes about his commitment to Christ, the community, and the concerns of women, and his words encourage the reader to continue the spiritual healing that must take place in today’s world. I was struck by the powerful message of togetherness and hopefulness in “An Imaginary Conversation (Part 2)”. The dialogue between the men and women is reminiscent of conversations that you or I could have had today, yesterday, or a year ago about past mistakes and future dreams, and this poem should definitely be assigned reading for everyone! Another excellent poem of encouragement is “Seasons Change” which helps us to realize that the hurts, doubts, and “…dry spells won’t last forever” (Moore, 76)!

In his second volume of poetic prose, Tremayne’s ability to articulate the thoughts of the feminine mind assures us that there are men who still value a woman’s worth! He offers an excellent opportunity for ladies to learn from this unique perspective and to grow from his words of wisdom. “A Woman’s Body” should be the anthem for all teenage girls who fail to recognize the beauty and importance of their innocence, and “Skin Deep” challenges women to look beyond the superficial when choosing a man and pay closer attention to his inward qualities.

Tremayne “keeps it real” on what's going on in our homes, at our churches, in our relationships, and on our jobs, and he offers a simple solution to rectifying these issues: acceptance of God’s Love!


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