Sunday, June 12, 2011

What I'm Reading Now!

Can You Handle My Pearls? by LaKia Morrison

Why doesn’t he like me anymore? Why did she stop being my friend? Why won’t they leave me alone?

I’m sure you’ve asked yourself these questions about some of your relationships. As humans, we seek the closeness of others because of our need for social contact and personal connections. When they come to an end, or never begin, we often feel upset and betrayed. Sometimes we assume that the connection was lost based on worldly pretenses – leaving us to wonder just what went wrong! In her book, Can You Handle My Pearls?, author LaKia Morrison offers us positive, spiritual advice for our relationship issues and assures us that “discernment will reveal the answer” (Morrison 2)!

LaKia’s first lesson urges the reader to have a greater appreciation of one’s own worth before entering into any attachment, and offers scripturally-based recommendations on avoiding “pearl residue” (4). Using Matthew 7:6 from the King James Bible as the foundation for her book, LaKia informs us that “the principle behind this scripture is that you do not give what is valuable to those who cannot appreciate it. If you do so, you invite disrespect, unnecessary warfare, and unnecessary wounding into your life” (3). This is wise advice - as no relationship can be entered into unless we truly appreciate our own significance!

LaKia continues to educate the reader on how to handle other connection issues, from moving beyond pain and guilt - “Do not allow past pain to blind you to an inheritance God is trying to give you” (34) – to beginning lasting relationships - “There should be an observation period before a decision to offer your friendship is made” (87). In addition, her use of the lessons culled from Matthew, John, I Samuel, Luke, and other biblical books assures the reader that our relationship questions are answered based on ancient and spirit-filled guidance!

I enjoyed reading Can You Handle My Pearls? because it heightened my awareness regarding the unseen forces that may affect our personal, professional, and social relations. It offered spiritually-based solutions rather than material or carnal ones and taught me to build alliances by realizing that God should be a part of all aspects of my life! LaKia reminds us that there will be those relationships that we keep or give away and those which cause us pain or hurt, but what we must ask ourselves is, do we “…have the discernment to see beyond the disappointment?”(26). Indeed that should be the question you ask the next time a relationship is not what you expected!

Peace : )