Thursday, May 30, 2013

What I'm Reading Now!

Daybreak Gaining Strength Through Our Pain
by Angela Y. Hodge

During life’s journey, we are apt to experience difficulties and hardships. Some people’s troubles may be greater than others, but no one is immune when the storms of life come rolling in! In Daybreak Gaining Strength Through Our Pain, Angela Y. Hodge reveals her own personal struggles and offers poetic encouragement to those who may be at the lowest point in their life!

Daybreak Gaining Strength Through Our Pain is presented as a 31-day support guide.  Each day, the reader is offered a biblical scripture and a beautifully crafted poem by the author that addresses issues which may be present in our lives. For instance, “The Battle That Was Within Me” deals with wanting acceptance and trying to find our place in the world; “A Second Chance” speaks to the opportunity that God gives all of us to try again; and “The Miracle That Was Unfolded” tells the amazing story of the author’s niece who was born fighting for her life, but - through God’s grace and mercy – is now an honors high school graduate!

As I completed the 31-day challenge, I was uplifted with each turn of the page.  Angela reveals her most intimate emotions and situations as a way to assist the reader in increasing their faith in the power of God. Her messages resonate with hope for a better day, and the poems left me feeling filled with assurance that prayer can and does change our situation! Daybreak Gaining Strength Through Our Pain is a great find, and I would recommend that readers take the challenge for themselves!



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