Sunday, December 8, 2013

What I'm Reading Now!

I Wish for Snow
by Nicole Perkins McLaughlin

For many children across the world, Christmas is a time of excitement and surprise! Upon waking on Christmas Day, they rush to see if their gift requests have been granted. Bikes, dolls, and games of all kinds are usually at the top of a child’s Christmas list, but in Nicole Perkins McLaughlin’s delightful children’s book I Wish For Snow, it is the special wish of one little girl that defines the meaning of this holiday!

Set on the island of Madagascar, I Wish For Snow tells the story of De’asha and her culture’s Christmas tradition called “Children’s Day”. Each year, a best girl and best boy are granted one special wish. This year, it is De’asha’s turn to make her wish, and she makes the most astounding one ever – she wishes for snow!

The island medicine man tries mightily to grant De’asha’s wish for snow but is unable to bestow a Children’s Day gift for the first time ever! Nonetheless, a disappointed De’asha doesn’t give up on her wish and turns to the only other source that she knows to fulfill it: She sends a prayer to God for snow! 

As you may have guessed, De’asha’s wish was granted, but the snow - because it was a hot climate – “…soon disappeared and left no trace” (McLaughlin). De’asha could have focused on the briefness of its coming, but instead she gave thanks for the opportunity to witness a miracle! 

Thus is the crux of this beautifully illustrated children's book. Though our prayers may be answered and last only for moment, we should remember to thank the Creator for the chance to partake in such miracles – both big and small!

Happy Holidays…Peace!

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