Wednesday, October 26, 2016

What I'm Reading Now!

 More Than Sisters by W. Mason Dunn

Secrets told and kept, fights won and lost, shared laughter and tears - all of these things make up the sister relationship. Sometimes that relationship is much greater than a mere sibling connection, as in the case of Olivia, Gayle, and Dani Ferguson in W. Mason Dunn's first novel, More Than SistersThrough a tragic turn of events, their bond transcends the normative definition of a sister, and their lives are forever changed as they adjust to their new roles of parent, teacher, child, and student!

Not one to back down from a challenge, Olivia is intent on keeping her younger siblings together as a unit - much to the chagrin of her stepmother Gertrude. She goes to extreme measures to accomplish this goal and, fortunately, it turns out to be the best decision for her young family! Once established in her new role as "mother", Olivia relies heavily on her intimate relationship with God to help guide her two sisters to adulthood: Gayle, the fiery, independent middle sister that wants nothing more than to succeed on her own merits, and Dani, the sweet, innocent baby sister who wants to please God, yet also experience the pleasures of her teenage years.

W. Mason Dunn succeeded in presenting realistic characters and situations which kept me engrossed in this story of loss, love, betrayal, and redemption. I experienced a myriad of emotions while reading More Than Sisters. I laughed at the sisters' familial antics, cried when they experienced pain, and became angry when they come face to face with pure evil! Her writing style lends itself to a fast-paced read, each chapter bringing the reader closer to the ultimate showdown which could "once again drive the family apart and test their faith in God."

In the end, W. Mason Dunn's novel, More Than Sisters proves that the love between sisters is, indeed, an unbreakable bond!


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